Age Verification & Document Authentication

Partnering with the leader in the industry, Snake Eye has teamed up with Legal Age Security Software to help protect you and provide you the assurance that underage customers will not be sold age sensitive products. Proper and consistent use of our Legal Age application protects liquor and tobacco licenses during compliance checks, helping them to avoid fines and suspensions and reducing the expense of costly employee training and re-training.


Document Authentication

Legal Age provides the latest in Driver’s License information and updates for all 50 states and Canada, reading both magstripe and 2D barcodes. The continual collection of state by state information and updates allows us to not only validate an ID, but recognize if an ID has been tampered with or altered.

Age Verification

Legal Age products perform age restricted sales checks by checking DMV records to verify patron is of legal age. Our software and products automatically store age verification records that comply with legal defense standards. Legal Age gives business owners the confidence of being able to legally prove that a customer’s identification was checked and verified.

Customer Reports

Through our web based application, management has access to hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly customer and sales reports. Our statistics provide business owners demographic and geographic breakdowns for them to better understand who is frequenting their business, how often, and from where.

Client Management

Manage who frequents your establishment by being able to create guests lists. Admin has the ability to restrict access to guests via the 86 List or reward loyal customers by adding them to a loyalty program or by creating automatic incentives based on the conditions set by your business.


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