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The technology behind vaping may be somewhat difficult to understand. However, it is good to have a basic understanding of how your e-cigarette works. For this reason, we have simplified it for you. Below is a rudimentary explanation of what the atomizer is and how it works.

The beginning
E-cigarettes originally consisted of three parts, namely a small battery, an atomizer, and a tank or cartridge that contains the e-juice. Because the atomizer and the cartridge were kept separate, vapers would often encounter problems with leakage. In order to solve this problem, the cartridge and the atomizer were combined into one to make a sealed cartomizer. Despite these technological advances, the stand-alone atomizer was not completely abandoned and is now used for ‘dripping,’ which some claim is the cleanest way to vape.

What exactly does an atomizer do?
An atomizer is the heating element in an e-cigarette. The battery sends a charge through the atomizer which then heats up the e-juice, causing it to vaporize. It typically consists of a heating coil, a mesh bridge and a wick that absorbs the e-liquid. A couple of years ago, there wasn’t much of a variety when it came to atomizers, but today there are several types to choose from. Although all atomizers do the same thing i.e. they turn the e-liquid into vapor, different designs can have distinct properties. Coil resistance, for example, can allow an e-cigarette to either produce more vapor, enhance the flavor, or deliver a stronger throat hit.

The art of dripping
If your e-cigarette is a two-part model, then you hardly need to concern yourself with the atomizer. It only becomes important for you to pay attention to it when you have a three-piece e-cigarette. Over the last year, the method of dripping has become very popular among vaping purists. This method entails dripping the e-liquid into the atomizer directly. No cartridge or tank is then needed. The reason some people prefer dripping is because it results in an enhanced taste. Because the e-liquid does not sit in a tank or cartridge for long periods of time and new e-juice is never mixed with old e-juice, the flavor is much stronger. However, this method has quite a big drawback. It is rather inconvenient since you are never able to just whip out your e-cigarette and start vaping. You will first need to drip the e-juice into your e-cigarette, which requires a suitable place and may take some time. If you are not careful it can also get quite messy.

Despite this inconvenience, self-proclaimed purists swear by this method as the best way to vape. Such people usually also mix their own flavors and rebuild their atomizers. Rebuilding your atomizer gives you the ability to have more control over your vaping experience. It allows you to take apart and adjust the sizes or thickness of the wire as well as the wicks. This has been known to not only produce the best taste but also the biggest vapor clouds.

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