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If there is one thing people loathe, it’s inconsiderate smokers. With the advent of vaporizers, it has become less of a concern, as let’s be honest – Vapor smells a lot better than cigarette smoke. The problem however is when people decide it’s okay to vape and cloud chase in public. Aside from competitions where cloud chasing is encouraged – it isn’t as appropriate in public settings or enclosed public spaces. 

The worry that many vapers have is that those who don’t have simple vape-quette (Vape Etiquette) could cause a major legal crackdown on vaping in public spaces. Just as smokers should ideally have abided by a simple code of courtesy when in public, vapers need to do the same thing. 

The Simple Guide to Basic Vape Etiquette

  • Enclosed Spaces
    Don’t vape in places like the Movie Theater or restaurants. There is nothing more annoying than sitting behind or beside someone who vapes throughout the movie or while you’re trying to savor the taste of your food. The vapor will affect how you see the movie as well as how you taste your food, since taste and smell are linked.  If you’re at home, you set the rules – it’s that simple.
  • Making the transition
    Sometimes, as people make the transition from smoking to vaping, they continue smoking as they gradually increase their vape usage and decrease their cigarette smoking, the problem is that many are so used to smoking outdoors that it becomes commonplace. They train themselves to smoke outdoors and vape indoors, which means that any time they’re outside – they want to smoke instead of vape. Do both outdoors and eventually you’ll let go of the cigarettes.
  • No Judgment
    Don’t be judgmental about people who do smoke cigarettes.
    Chances are, you also used to smoke cigarettes and while you may have made the change over to vaping, it doesn’t make you better or inferior to smokers. Don’t bash smokers on social media and don’t get upset with people for wanting to smoke instead of vape.
  • Be Tidy
    Just like cigarette butts left lying around are a nuisance, don’t leave empty cartridges lying around either. You aren’t going to reuse it anytime soon, so throw them away. 
  • Don’t be ‘That’ person
    NEVER under any circumstances, blow vapor into someone’s face.  People don’t like it and yes, while vaping is believed to be less harmful than smoking, it doesn’t mean it is okay to disregard common courtesy when speaking to someone.
  • Think about who you’re vaping in front of
    You generally wouldn’t smoke around children, don’t vape around them either. Try and be a good example to the little ones.

Most importantly

  • Be considerate
    Regardless of where you are or who you’re with. Just like not everyone smokes, not everyone vapes either.  All you need to do is ask if they mind if you vape, and if they do, excuse yourself for a minute, vape outdoors or away from them and return.

How you as a Vaper behave now could impact what happens with legislature, which affects everyone, later on. Courteous behavior is vital as there is a shift towards legislature, which bans and regulates the use of vapes in a similar way that the usage of cigarettes is banned and regulated. 

Last update: Jan 31, 2017

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