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By now you should know what it is to Vape. In 2014, Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year was “Vape”. The user will smoke an electronic cigarette and exhale a cloud of smoke. In extremely simplified terms: It is a portable and electronic “Hookah” pen with no cleanup or fuss required. All you need to do is charge it, fill it with flavor and you’re ready to go.  Vapers are also known as Cloud Chasers, these are people who use their Vape pens to create clouds of vapor or perform various tricks which with normal cigarettes would be nothing short of impossible.

Recently, vaping has taken on a whole new level and has become a competitive ‘sport’. As with every competitive ‘sport’, there are critics who feel that by gamifying the usage of Vape pens – it makes it more enticing to younger users. Currently the law states that electronic cigarettes may only be sold to persons over the age of 18 but as many are sold online there isn’t a way to regulate the user’s real age nor their usage. 

However, those who partake in chaser competitions feel like there’s nothing better than competing or being a part of a group of re-formed smokers who now have a healthier way of indulging that also provides them with a fun experience when getting together.

There are various rules attached to competitive vaping including the usage of various competition mods.  Unlike with a normal cigarette, you are able to modify your Vape to suit your preferences. You are able to alter the flavor, the size of the battery, the size of the mech, and even the size of the box itself – all to provide you with the cloud experience that you want.

The general rule of cloud chaser competitions is simple: You as the Chaser need to beat your opponent by creating the biggest, densest vapor cloud possible. Every place may have different rulings, but the general rule remains the same: The biggest and most badass cloud wins.

According to the Talon Vapor LLC, Facebook page, there are various other rules to competitive vaping. Their rules are simple: you are allowed the use of mechanical mods which need to be at a specific ohm level and this mechanical mods need to be tested by the judges prior to the start of the competition. In terms of your box mods, there is a difference between the regulated modifications and the unregulated modifications; each also has a specific ohm level it must adhere to.  Safety does come first in these competitions so please don’t use unregulated wired in box mods.

All around the world, competitive vaping has become a thing. There are various stores which hold contests to see which chaser can blow the most badass cloud possible.  There are teams, sponsors and even cash prizes for participants and many, like these contestants, like to do more than just inhale and exhale a little waft of vapor. Clouds are serious business: which can hold a cash reward ranging from anywhere between $200 to $2000. Some Chasers have a fan base known as Cloud Gazers and often receive sponsorships in order to partake in various competitions.

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