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e-liquid evaluation

Just like your signature pair of jeans, your favourite bottle of whisky, or your preferred beer—each and every person has their own preferences and personal brand. The same goes for the e-liquid you choose to have in your e-cigarette device. Choice is what makes us unique. It differentiates Jack from Jim and Olmeca from Fire Ball. Choosing your personal brand of vape juice is as personal as choosing what clothing you put on in the morning and what show you watch at night.

While vaping and cigarette smoking don’t have all that much in common, there is one thing that they do: much like the array of cigarette brands in any given tobacco shop, juices also come in a variety of flavors. There are plenty of options to choose from, which are just as unique and different as all of the clients we serve, which is precisely why Snake Eye Vape sells a variety of e-cigarettes to cater to a variety of customers. Whether you prefer a little nicotine in your vape, a fruity flavor, or perhaps even a slight caffeine injection—we can offer it all.

Liquid Soul
After years of careful development and testing, Liquid Soul Vapor finally entered the market and is conveniently available for use though a variety of devices from an ego to a mod. Not to mention, they’re created right here on home soil, ensuring top quality e-liquid, in no small part due to its 9-point Quality Charter.

Jet Fuel
Providing you with all the fuel you need for a day on the go and in a variety of delightful flavors from fruity and peanut butter to the more extreme raspberry and blowpop. Jet Fuel may be only five years young but it’s been packing a punch since 2012 with an impressive thirteen different flavors appearing across its two different lines. 

Fogs Brew
Catering to each element (and each taste bud), Fogs Brew comes in a variety of inspiring categories from Frosted Tree of Fog and Tropical Fog to Fog of Eden and Dew Fog—all bound to satisfy. It may also be a relative new comer to the market but its already making waves for delivering intoxicatingly delicious flavors.

High Voltage
Not only committed to offering premium quality e-juice and popular flavors, High Voltage aims to be innovative and groundbreaking in a market already flooded with products. As a result, they offer intriguing liquids laced with caffeine for that much-needed kick and an unusual B-Vitamin blend to keep you going throughout the day.

King of the Cloud
Fierce advocates of alternatives to cigarette smoking, King of the Cloud satisfies its clients with its great mix of flavors while catering for new and seasoned vapers alike. Their juices come in different strengths and they offer nicotine-free, low-nicotine, and full nicotine options, depending on your personal preference. Not to mention, names like Ambrosia and Tempest Tides are sure to make for interesting conversation starters.

Krystal Kloudz
Choose from their premium to their ultra-premium line, the e-liquid options are endless with Krystal Kloudz. In addition, their flavor profiles range from fruity and sophisticated to downright patriotic with their ‘MERICA’ line.

Adirondak Vapor
Made on home soil, Adirondak Vapor takes vapers to new heights with its e-liquid crafted in the elevated slopes of the Adirondack Mountains. Adirondak Vapor includes a variety of juice options from USP-grade vegetable glycerin to an American-sourced nicotine. This is patriotism at its best!

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Last update: Feb 10, 2017

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