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With the holiday season fast approaching, you do not need the additional stress of deciding what to buy for your loved ones. Adding an accessory to an existing device is not only an easy option, but also a thoughtful one that allows your loved one to extend the use of their possession. A gadget, such as a vape device, is a prime object to accessorize with gifting this holiday.

As a guideline, the e-cig is broken down into three main parts:

  • A rechargeable lithium battery
  • A vaporization chamber
  • A cartridge

But there are many opportunities to extend on these parts, and buy the perfect vaping product for your loved one’s device.

The Juice
The juice of the e-cig is what gives the device the nicotine kick and flavor. There are a variety of brands on the market, and each offer a number of flavors that range from vanilla, watermelon and grape; to coconut and chocolate. There are always new flavors of syrupy e cig juices to try.

Mechanical Mod
Many “experienced” vapers enjoy a mechanical mod - a tube that contains no electronics but works off a replaceable and rechargeable battery, using a button to switch it on. Mechanical mods work in a unique way which allows the mod to be a gift in itself.

A box mod is a different type of mod that - as its name suggests - is shaped like a box. The extra space allows for additional components such as variable power control, digital screens and fused protection.

Coils are situated in the atomizer of the vape device and act as the connection for all of the other parts of the device - as such a functional element, they need to be replaced regularly. In addition, coil building is one of the ways that advanced vapers add to their experience by getting a stronger “throat hit”, or experiment with more clouds created by the coils. Replacement coils are a gift that any vaper would be very grateful for.

Dry Herb, Wax and Oil
Vaping pens that are used for a variety of smoking experiences. A dry herb vaporizing pen is used for vaping tobacco and herbal blends. The dry herb pen allows you to conveniently smoke solid herbal material on-the-go.

A wax vape pen vaporizes legal hash oil. The oily concentrate is dabbed in the chambers that contain heating elements. Similarly, the oil pen works the same way to allow the vaper to conveniently smoke substances, where legal to do so, in a vaping manner. A gift as such would add a variety to a vaper’s experience.

None of these alternative vaping devices would be useful without the specialty products such as hemp oil, various juices and blends.

Glass/pipe cleaners
One way to ruin a vaping experience is to have a dirty or clogged up device. Glass/pipe cleaners, such as specially formulated wipes, are a nifty gift to ensure a smooth, uninterpreted vaping experience.

Spare parts
There are several spare parts, and necessities over and above the functioning device. Stylish mouthpieces, replacement tanks, and vaping wicks are a few practical extra accessories.

Alternately, if you know someone who is interested in vaping, a starter kit may be the perfect gift!

Last update: Dec 19, 2016

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