How to Fill a Cartomizer

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Filling a CartomizerSo, you have just acquired your first vaporizer. Your first-time flavors have been picked. All that is left is filling your cartomizer for the first time. Maybe you have seen a friend filling a cartomizer and thought it was easy. Now instead you find yourself struggling to efficiently fill yours. You are spilling vape juice all over yourself and the floor. Don’t fret! Snake Eye Vape has this nifty guide on how to conquer your cartomizer. Take a quick look and you will be efficient in no time. On the positive side, you will see it is easy after all.
Firstly, it is good to know that some cartomizers come pre-filled with vape juice. When the space between the cartomizer and the wall of the tank is dry, you will know it is time for a refill.

There are different techniques when filling your cartomizer. Some bottles of vape juice are stored in eye droppers. In this case, you will draw your vape juice into the dropper and release the vape juice onto the poly filling. Another option is to use a syringe. In this case, you will draw the vape juice into the syringe and drop it onto the poly filling. When using a syringe the process will be faster and more accurate. You will also be able to see the amount in ml of how much vape juice you are going to add. Getting inside the polyfill is easier with a syringe. Ultimately with both methods you will drip your vape juice into the tank until it reaches the fill line, if it has one. It is important to know that you want to drip your vape juice along the walls of the tank, and not directly down the center of the cartomizer.

Once you know how to operate your vaporizer, refill, and take it apart to get to the areas that you need to, you can also mix your flavors. Mixing flavors will not only offer an increasingly unique experience, but it could also save you money. Your more expensive vape juice will last longer if you mix it with other cheaper flavors.      

Do not try and fill a cartomizer while it is still attached to the battery. This could cause vape juice to leak into the battery in which case your battery will be fried. A cartomizer is reusable for up to ten times. It may last for longer than ten refills or it may burn out beforehand. Check the wicking material of your cartomizer when refilling. If it is burnt around the edges, then the cartomizer has seen its days and it’s time for a fresh one. If you are not refilling with the same vape juice as before, it is important to clean it thoroughly before the refill. Otherwise you could experience a strange mix of flavors when vaping. Some cartomizers have a rubber cap over the wicking material. You will want to remove this before a refill. A standard cartomizer can hold 1.1ml of vape juice, or 25-30 drops. If the vape juice forms a puddle above the wicking material and does not get absorbed, then the cartomizer has been overfilled. In this case, you will want to clean off the excess with a paper towel. For the best flavoring experience leave your cartomizer detached for 2 minutes after a refill. This will allow the wicking material to properly absorb the vape juice, giving you the best flavor possible.

Refilling a cartomizer is a simple process. With this information, you are armed with all there is to know about the refilling process. Now it’s time to refill, mix flavors and get vaping.

Last update: Feb 17, 2017

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