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There are lots of juice style options out there for today’s vaper. The world of vaping offers many options based on taste, nicotine levels, packaging, etc. and each factor makes a statement about you. This makes deciding on your particular brand, flavor, blend, more worthy of your consideration. It has also led to a new concept of marketing strategy around each option with a lot of focus on the statement it will make about the user.  In this article, we have outlined 3 of the most important factors in vape juice: ingredients, flavor, and packaging.

  1. The appeal of different juices.
    The balance of ingredients in your juice, whether you prefer a higher concentration of VG or PG, the brand, and what flavor you select, will determine how a marketer gets your attention. This may be because it comes down to whether or not you are a former or part-time smoker looking for an alternative, or simply someone looking to join in a trendy revolution. If you are the former, you would respond way better to a strategy that takes vape juice more seriously and comes with some legitimate info. An image-based design would be all it took to garner the interest of the latter. And even then, it can be broken down further into what the vape juice content is, the look of the bottle, and which flavor is on the cards. Fun and fruity? Spicy with some mystery? Tobacco for the hardy? Menthol for the smooth?
  1. Tell me what’s your flava?
    Most of the style appeal comes down to flavor, and each vape juice flavor has its accompanying reputation that speaks to a specific kind of person. The way each flavor is conveyed to the public needs to keep certain things in mind; for example, that someone who enjoys a pure tobacco flavor with a strong throat kick is not going to be attracted to a colorful, sing-along concept. That would be more for someone wanting to experience the taste of their favorite fruit with each inhale – someone doing everything for the fun of it. Someone who smokes menthol because of the fresh smooth feel will respond to a message that makes use of the crisp colors and sensual voice-overs, and so it goes with each flavor.
  1. You’ve got the look…
    Just as flavors carry an idea that could sum up your personality, or part of it, the same goes for the name of the brand and the look of the bottle that your vape juice comes in. if you are a badass, the chances are good that you are not going to haul out something lumo-colored and plastered with a label that says “fruity-tooty”. You would prefer something that is closely linked to a hazard sign, with a name like “knuckle punch”. This would allow you to get away with smoking your favorite delicious vape juice flavor of strawberry-peach but still maintain your hardcore style. Reputation saved. Most brands have flavors of similar variety – fruity, menthol, chocolaty, spicy – but they would be packaged very differently according to the customer base to which they would like to appeal.

All of these factors suggest that from the creative mix of vape juice flavors ingeniously designed by each brand’s creative team, and the overall branding of each product, they have made conscious efforts to link their concept to an identifiable human profile.  Whatever your flavor at Snake Eye Vape we have what you are looking for.

Last update: Dec 08, 2016

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