Medicinal Mods - Future of Medicine?

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Let’s be honest, without the atomizer vape, one could not vape at all. It can be considered as one of the most important parts of any e-cig, as this is the part that converts the liquid into a vapor. The anatomy of the device doesn’t stop there, but now you may ask yourself why is this important or even relevant? It is relevant simply because as we progress towards the future more alternative medicines are becoming accepted for usage by people who have need of them. For example, the use of medical Marijuana has become more widely accepted in certain states.

There are currently two niche markets for vape-ing in the community. These two are defined as MOD users and Herbal Vapers, it is important to note the latter as one day in the future, it may be more widely acceptable for the two to merge. Normal vaping has only recently become accepted and in terms of herbal treatments, only some states have sanctioned the usage of herbal medications to treat pain and illness.

Herbal vapes are becoming a lot more popular to use as it’s a lot more convenient than rolling a joint. It’s a cleaner and easier process and for many who are now making legal usage of the ability to smoke medical marijuana to treat chronic pain or illness, a vape is a lot easier, especially if they haven’t smoked normal cigarettes before.

There are a few pros attached to medicinal mod aside from the fact it’s less messy and easier to use. It is also cost effective, as you are using less herbs to help you mitigate your pain. Many herbal vapes are also compact and discreet in size.  One of the main cons of these would be that you will need to clean your vape more regularly, but maintenance is essential regardless of the type of vape (herbal or non) simply because if your vape is not clean – your flavor will be affected.

In terms of how they work, they are quite similar to a normal vape except for the fact that the atomizer is comprised of the coils which encase the dry herb instead of the usual cotton wicks and only heats once you push the button. Remember though, that eventually you will need to replace the atomizer as the coils will burn out.

Since many wonder about the physical effects of smoking vs. vaping some are hesitant to vape as the long term risks are still unclear. However, medicinally for those who suffer with too much pain and who struggle to roll a (legally sanctioned) joint, a vape may be the answer. Smoking isn’t the easiest thing, but with vapor, you are able to inhale as much as you want to get what you need, without the fuss of smoke clogging your airways. The best part? The vapor itself, depending on the concentration, is subtle – meaning that your nosy neighbor, who just doesn’t understand it, won’t be able to complain about it.

The important thing to remember is to be respectful of where you are using your medicinal mod. Not everybody is okay with the medical usage for marijuana nor will they respect your need to use it.

Last update: Jan 27, 2017

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