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The vape culture has taken the world by storm. Arguably, the most enjoyable part of cloud chasing being the experience of the kaleidoscope of flavors; every part of the device and every configuration aimed at extracting and delivering the best flavor and cloud. How do you find the best flavors to have the best experience? Does value affect the variety and the depths of flavor? Are expensive e-liquids really worth their prices?

What are vape drops?
All e-liquids, affordable and expensive juices alike, are essentially made of the same products: a base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin with various flavorants superimposed. The ratio of these components and the complexities of flavors is what truly adds to the ultimate culinary experience – vaping style.

Remember to consider your average consumption and match your budget respectively. It is important to consider personal preference when exploring the vast worlds of flavors; even professionals’ opinions can vary widely. So try as many flavors as you can and look for flavors that complement your palate more than those that complement the current trend.

What Makes Them E-expensive?
Although juices are made mostly of the same things, some retailers argue that higher quality ingredients may increase prices. This could include higher quality nicotine or finding the perfect propylene glycol to vegetable glycol ratio. Some argue that the manner in which they are created, the depth of the mixology, the freshness and presentation may add to the price tag. However, there are many gourmet vape drops, like those available Snake Eye Vape, that don’t aim to break the bank. Does that mean that good drops aren’t necessarily expensive drops?

What Makes a Vape Drop Gourmet?
This terminology is used when referring to a flavor that has multiple, complimentary and complex flavor blends. Mixologists are the experts that are usually employed to produce these premium juices. Although some say that this can raise the price considerably, there are places that offer gourmet blends for reasonable prices.

Forget About the Price Tag?
But is does the price tag really guarantee a higher quality e-juice?

Although there are no formal studies comparing vaping flavor experiences, there are a few about the next best taste experience – wine. Goldstein et al conducted a blinded tasting study to establish whether price really made a difference to the level of enjoyment. Of a sample of 6,000 tastings, the study found a negative correlation; suggesting that expensive wines were actually less enjoyable than their cheaper counterparts.

Another study reported on by the New Yorker was conducted by a wine merchant, Steven Spurrier. He used bottles of expensive Belgian, French and American wine but replaced all the wine with that made in New Jersey. Statistically, the wines were undistinguishable from each other; their packaging alone altered the judges’ perception of the quality and taste.

Remember that although expensive doesn’t always mean better, trial and error is the best way to find the flavors that you like the most. Don’t be afraid to try new things on either end of the price spectrum; vaping is as much about enjoyment as it is about positively changing your lifestyle.

Last update: Dec 27, 2016

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