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vape safety

Although it is highly unlikely that your e-cigarette will explode, there are some horrifying stories out there about e-cigarettes exploding in people’s hands. However, there are ways to make sure that your e-cigarette is safe by assembling a proper vape starter kit. The first step is choosing the right vaporizer. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Buy American made vaporizer products
    Many of the e-cigarettes manufactured in China do not have the same standards of production that American manufacturers. Vaporizer products made in China may be cheaper, but the safety of the product is the most important quality. You need a device, atomizer, battery, coil, e-liquid and wicks. All of these should be made in America to ensure quality. Also, it would be a good idea to stay away from little known products.  Staying with e-cigarettes that have a good reputation and can easily be found and reviewed online, gives you a better chance of buying an e-cigarette that works well and is safe to use.
  2. Don’t Throw Out the Instructions
    The instructions will tell you how much liquid your E-cigarette holds, how to fill it with e-liquid, measures the amount of nicotine you’ve inhaled, battery capacity, how to use the batteries, storage instructions and more. Make sure that you keep the instructions, because they will tell you if you are using your e-cigarette in a way that could be dangerous.
  3. Don’t Hold the Buttons Down Too Long
    You should not need to hold down the buttons on your e-cigarette for more than five seconds. If you do hold the buttons down too long, you may cause your e-cigarette to overheat. Chain vaping, may also cause overheating. Be sure to give your e-cigarette a break to cool down before continuing. It is easy to tell when your vaporizer is about to overheat. It is normal for the device to warm when you use it, but when the vaporizer overheats, the temperature will be hot like when a computer battery overheats. If this happens, give the device a break, but if that does not work, change out the cartridge. Putting the e-cigarette near open flame or flammable objects could cause the e-cigarette to either overheat or catch on fire.  While it is unlikely that your e-cigarettes will actually catch fire, or explode, allowing it to overheat will break down both the atomizer and the e-cigarette, which will force you to buy a new e-cigarette sooner than you need to.
  4. E-Cigarettes Can Be Damaged by Water
    Exposing the e-cigarettes to water, may cause it to spark and cause a fire. Therefore, removing condensation that accumulates from vapor is also important. Swabbing the inside of the E-cigarette around the battery with a Q tip will remove any condensation that threatens to damage your e-cigarette.
  5. Charge Correctly
    Only use the charger that came with your e-cigarette. Others may have the wrong voltage for your device and will not be as effective and may damage your e-cigarette.  Most of the e-cigarettes that have exploded were as a result of using the improper charger.
    Also, do not keep clutter around your e-cigarette while it is charging. In the unlikely event that your battery overheats and leads to explosion, it is best to be safe and make sure that there are no flammable objects around your device.
    Overcharging your e-cigarette makes an explosion more likely because the battery will be warm for a longer period of time. Overcharging also increases the likeliness of a malfunction.
Last update: Jan 23, 2017