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The e-cigarette is a great alternative to regular nicotine cigarettes, and many people are starting to opt into smoking the e-cigarette instead of the old-fashioned nicotine cigarette. Yet it is called an electronic cigarette just for that reason: it is not something than can simply be taken out of the packet and smoked and then thrown away.

The e-cigarette comes in parts, in an un-disposable form, whereby the actual device is not thrown away and it contains parts that must be taken care of and repurchased to get the most out of your smoking experience. Smoking this device gives off vapor and heat, therefore the inner parts are at a danger of becoming overheated and burning out. This part is called the atomizer coils, and it is these parts that must be replaced on a regular basis. Not doing so will cause heat to damage the atomizer coils, giving you the smoker an unpleasant experience.

The atomizer head is primarily made of three (3) parts, namely the casing, the wire (coil) and the wicking material. The wicking material is the component that absorbs the e-liquid and becomes saturated with it. The battery, once inserted and activated in the e-cigarette, heats up the coil that is saturated with the e-liquid and causes the wicking material to be vaporized. The atomizer coil thus does not last very long, and there are certain factors which determine how long it lasts.

The kind of flavor you decide to purchase and vape in your e-cigarette, as well as the VG consistency of your e-liquid, both have a role to play in the longevity of your atomizer coil. Naturally of course what also determines how long your atomizer coil lasts is dependent on how often you smoke your e-cigarette as well. The acidity level is linked to the flavor that you smoke in your e-cigarette – fruity flavors have a higher acidity level than non-fruit flavors, and thus have a greater contribution in raising the acidity levels in your e-liquid.

The VG consistency, or vegetable glycerine, is thicker than PG or propylene glycol, resulting in a quicker burnout if you have VG dominant e-liquid present in your e-cigarette. Lastly the amount of vaping that you do will also determine how long your atomizer coil will last. The more you vape, the quicker the atomizer coil will burn out and thus need replacement.

There are various signs to look out for and to know when you need to replace your atomizer coil. Remember to do this every five (5) days to three (3) weeks, depending on the factors listed above. The best and first sign of a dying atomizer coil is a reduction in vapor production. After this, if not yet replaced, your e-cigarette will start to leak, resulting in you also getting poor flavor production from your e-cig. Gurgling noises will start to become apparent and finally zero vapor production will have you heading to your nearest atomizer coil supplier.

Last update: Dec 08, 2016

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