War on Electronic Cigarettes

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A quick scan through a magazine or a glance around a local restaurant is enough to provide an insightful onlooker with a common consensus about how smoking e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’, is perceived by the general public. As a business providing electronic cigarettes for sale, Snake Eye Vape has also been made increasingly aware of the barrage of negative publicity and misconceptions surrounding this tobacco cigarette alternative.

Since its inception in 2003 and after more than a decade on the market, controversy surrounding vaping remains. For all intents and purposes, it seems that current law and policy makers in healthcare would rather have ‘the devil we know’ than what has thus far proven to be a far better alternative financially, health-wise, and in the long-term.
The e-cigarette has been declared a gateway device to smoking and heavily linked to the sensationalist threat of ‘popcorn lung’, but one thing remains true: the war on e-cigarettes shows a complete and utter lack of understanding and perspective when it comes to vaping and smoking alternatives. New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, declared a war on e-cigarettes in December 2016 which fueled the negative publicity already swirling around the topic of vaping and electronic cigarettes for sale. So, where there is smoke, there is fire, right? Not quite.

There is a widely-supported view that this so-called ‘war on e-cigarettes’ is misguided and fails to understand the benefits of the device. In fact, many advocates claim that new rules regarding the application of an e-cigarette will result in a stall of the decline of smoking nation-wide and that misleading facts can (and likely will) result in a failure of what could be the beginnings of a public health revolution given its array of benefits. Amidst all of this confusion, let us distribute some honest truths:

Despite all the hype, vaping is not smoking—a hard fact that fundamental resisters refuse to take into account. The pretense that it is smoking, however, has led to a widely-accepted belief that smoking is but a natural step up from vaping. The ‘gateway’ theory is a common myth given that nicotine is an optional add-on for consumers.  Furthermore, it can be a long-term solution to a smoking addiction thanks to this optional nature.  Aside from being an alternative, vaping can even be considered a deterrent as recent studies have shown, particularly among the younger and more experimental generations.

While up for debate, e-cigarettes do not have the cancer-causing agents found in regular cigarettes. Tar, in particular, is one of these chemical agents notorious for its harmful effect on smokers. E-cigarettes contain none, making them superb alternatives. Not only are they less harmful to smokers, but to those around them, too—an important point given the serious nature and effects of second-hand smoking. E-cigarettes have also proven to be far more pocket-friendly, offering more bang for your buck and proving to be a cost-effective alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

Just like in all forms of consumption the world over, there are new organic alternatives being offered all the time, and e-cigarette industry is no different. Organic vape drops have swept across the nation offering perks such as natural flavor, better regulation, and the promise of zero synthetic additives.

Snake Eye Vape offers a wide range of e-cigarettes for new and regular vapers alike. Whether you’re easing off nicotine or going full organic, our selection is sure to satisfy.

Last update: Feb 14, 2017