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After continuous battles and legislative restrictions on smokers citing health issues, many were looking for safer nicotine alternatives.  The problem, however, lies in the fact that smoking is addictive due to the nicotine content, which means that many people struggle to completely quit smoking. Many have tried alternatives such as patches, nicotine gum or other weird products that promise to help you quit but don’t feel the same. Smoking is not only an addiction, it is habitual – most smokers relish the pulling and puffing on a cigarette. In the quest to cut down on nicotine intake, vaping has become a method of choice for most smokers. 

In essence, vaping means that a person inhales flavored vapor from a ‘pen’, mimicking the act of smoking, but without the tobacco that is a major component of cigarettes.  The beauty of a vape is that it’s rechargeable and therefore reusable, making it a cost affordable item to own.

Many believe that vaping does help wean you off of cigarettes, as you can have small amounts of nicotine at a time, without the annoyance of cigarette smoke clouding the air. It is a gradual process, however, as with most addictions – quitting cold turkey is never a good idea. Some believe in making transitional changes, smoking less and less cigarettes while smoking on a vape instead when the urge to smoke a cigarette hits. Eventually, you will transition over to vaping full time.

What many smokers do during this transition is use less and less nicotine when preparing their vape. This means that gradually, they will become used to having no nicotine in their vapes. Go along with your comfort level when preparing your vape, especially if you’ve been a chain-smoker for most of your life. Eventually, you’ll know when the time is right to make use of the liquid containing the least nicotine, as eventually you may end up leaving your vape at home. This may seem strange but while for some, vaping has become a part of their lifestyle, for others it is a means to a healthier life. Eventually you will be able to purchase liquids which contain absolutely no nicotine, for your vape. Don’t panic. This is what you were aiming for, you are now able to enjoy the sensation of smoking without the multiple adverse side effects that usually tag along when smoking cigarettes.

Depending on what you want out of your vape you can customize it. Some prefer to be able to blow clouds of smoke while others prefer little to no smoke. You can easily customize flavors to your taste as well. With a vape you are in essence able to mimic the act of smoking with less fuss – there is no need for an ashtray or worry about ash, there is no lingering pungent smell nor do you have to worry about smokers’ breath.

Remember though, the same etiquette that applies to smokers when smoking in public, also applies to people who vape. Just be courteous about it when vaping in public.

Last update: Jan 31, 2017

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